Hosted by Andy Gallagher and Katherine Seddon, Unzip is your gateway to the internet, technology and everything the kids already know.


Katherine Seddon

Katherine has spent the last ten years in the thick of parenting small children which she claims has hindered her ability to stay in touch with technology, the internet and, well to be honest…modern life.

She and her husband have three school-aged kids who, unsurprisingly already know more about tech and internet trends than she does. It’s not that she’s not interested, she’s just too tempted by her veggie garden to spend any time researching this stuff.


Andy Gallagher

Andy is a massive fan of all things tech, the crazy things that happen in the wonderful world of the internet and…pinball. He indulges this passion by listening to copious hours of specialty pinball podcasts and making his long-suffering wife play one of the two pinball machines in their lounge room.

When not having the time of their lives playing pinball Andy and his wife are navigating the early, sleepless years of parenting a super cute one-year-old boy.