EPISODE 01 - what is fortnite?

Are your kids constantly asking if they can play Fortnite? Listen in to find out what you need to look out for, what you don’t need to worry about and why it is so massively popular.

Episode 02 - Mystery Box

We dive into the ridiculous world of Mystery Boxes, the 'Unboxing' phenomenon and the addictive premise of Loot Boxes.

Discover why people get excited about the physical unknown and risk real money on a virtual chance. Plus... we open our very own Mystery Box from Gumtree - will it be the best $50 Andy has ever spent?


We delve into Katherine's recent Facebook sabbatical, explore some classic social media faux pas and walk through the latest tools to monitor and manage your kid's smartphones.

Episode 04 - Why you'll love TikTok more than your kids...

With over 500 million downloads to date, TikTok is the latest social media craze aimed squarely at creative teenagers. We figure out how it all works and reveal how adults are using the platform for different reasons...

Episode 05 - Momo Challenge: The Perfect Storm

Momo swept the world as a horrible and malicious viral internet challenge. Only recently has it been debunked as a complete hoax. We clear up all things 'Momo' and chat about why this challenge became the 'Perfect Storm' for internet trolls.